ESFJ Personality Type

What You Have To Know About The Myers-Briggs Test And Connected Professions

The Myers-Briggs Test is straight forward supplying an insight into the complexities of your personality. The results of the Myers Briggs Test identify your level of extroversion/introversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling and judging/perceiving. It's accessible in both an on-line structure and paper-based format making it suitable and satisfied to everybody's needs.

There are 16 kinds of personalities, based on the Myers Briggs Test, and each gifts with specific characteristics; hence making each more capable in particular occupational field. Below is a brief description of each character type, as well as examples of suitable vocations.


The ESTJ character type is a normal leader. He/she is really contemplative and never makes a move without having considered all effects. Perfect careers contain military officers, government workers and underwriters.


The ISTJ character sort prefers to participate the group rather than the leader. He/she has a warm temperament and enjoys building relationships with different people. Perfect careers include comptrollers, social works and educators.


The ESFJ character type can function well under some pressure and has a strong eye for detail. Perfect careers contain policemen, dentists and system analysts.


The ISFJ style kind presents with a quite grounded manner. Myers briggs personality types  man enjoys helping others reach their aims and does well in structured environments. Perfect careers contain nurses, librarians and counsel.


The ESTP character type is a problem-solver. They may be able to respond efficiently to immediate problems and have accentuated abilities in persuasion. Perfect careers contain paramedics, marketers and comedians.


The ISTP style kind also has an ability to respond efficiently to immediate problems; as well as being capable to stay composed when under pressure. Ideal careers for this style contain aviators, authorities and fire fighters.


The ESFP character kind is among confidence and imagination. This individual appreciates movement and motivating others. Perfect careers comprise instructors, celebrities and educators.


The ISFP style kind is a helpful person who loves working with and motivating others. Perfect careers in this class include chefs, musicians and counselors.


The ENFJ personality kind has a capacity to support others to reach their potentiality. They are very thoughtful and offer great guidance. Ideal careers contain shrinks, authors and advisors.

10. INFJ

The INFJ character type is an idealistic 1 that is certainly constantly seeming to make a desire fact. Ideal careers comprise scientists, psychologists and artists.

11. ENFP

The ENFP character type is a spontaneous one with strong levels of creative thinking. Perfect careers contain authors, marketers and diplomats.

12. INFP

The INFP personality type is an exceptionally creative and supporting one with strong personal worth. Ideal careers comprise scientists, editors and psychiatrists.

13. ENTJ

The ENTJ personality kind is a born leader and contains extraordinarily powerful organizational skills. Perfect careers comprise bankers, judges and detectives.

14. INTJ

The INTJ character type is particularly gifted at understanding complex notions and assembling sound strategies. Ideal careers include attorneys, investigators and physicians.

15. ENTP

The ENTP personality type is a fiercely impartial one with high levels of penetration and creativity. Ideal careers comprise comics, celebrities and shrinks.

16. INTP

The INTP character kind is exceptionally analytical with incontestable critical-thinking capabilities. Ideal careers include university professors and biologists, physicists.

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